Transport of Garments on Hangers - G.O.H

The handling of garments on hangers is a specific transport service, which has to guarantee the safety and quality of the product at each step. The garments must always be handled with utmost care by expert staff, so as to ensure “just in time” delivery in perfect condition, ready for sale. The highest level of service quality has to be guaranteed door to door.



  • Picking-up of garments on hangers from factory with special equipped trucks protected by electronic surveillance devices (satellite control).
  • Unloading of the garments at its own warehouses and checking.
  • Control of export/import documents.
  • Storage of garments in dedicated GOH areas able to guarantee garments perfect condition
  • Preparation and loading of air, seacontainers, or specially equipped trucks in the case of transport by road, carried out by specialised personnel.
  • Application of anti-theft seals when closing containers and trucks.
  • Transport to ports or airports of departure and forwarding to final destination by air, by sea or by road, using primary carriers and direct services in order to optimise transit time.
  • Pre-clearance export customs formalities.







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